We offer jobs for young ladies from the age of 18 to 35 with fit, healthy bodies who not only look great but have communicative skills and most importantly want to work as topless dancers/strippers. Girls must have a clean record. Experience is an advantage, but not necessarily required as the club has a choreographer. Spoken English will help you communicate with clients, but the right attitude is essential. Body language is universal.

We offer excellent, safe working conditions so dancers with the ambition to succeed can earn a lot of money. Our strippers typically earn from USD$8,000 to US$9,000 a month. During the active season in Summer (October-May) not only do dancers usually make more, but because of the strip-club’s location they enjoy life in the 8th most beautiful city in the world – Cape Town.


We offer excellent working conditions for dancers from all over the world. Applicants must be 18 to 35 years old, attractive and be in good physical shape. English is helpful but if you are communicative, flexible and ready to work hard to earn good money you are qualified. If you think that you will enjoy working in Cape Town, then you are welcome to join Stilettos where you will be able to earn an average of US$ 8,000 to 9,000 a month.



We have girls from all continents working at our club! Some need visas and others don’t.

For those who need visas: the club helps with everything necessary in order for such to be issued; girls travel on a tourist visa and upon arrival in Cape Town a work permit will be further arranged. Girls from countries who require no entry visa to SAR travel directly to Cape Town and upon arrival work permits are arranged. Particulars are discussed individually with every girl who wants to work at our club once they contact us.



We recruit dancers throughout the whole year. Our dancers are freelance workers. The minimum working period is six months. If you have any questions, please write to our email. Prostitution is prohibited! Taking drugs in and out of the club is prohibited! Violators of these prohibitions will be immediately fired from the club!



We will provide accommodation for foreign dancers in a luxury furnished houses and apartments near the club in Cape Town. The houses and apartments are furnished and equipped according to the modern standards, have all amenities, and are located in the downtown area of Cape Town where there is an active nightlife. Nearby there are parks, sports halls, shopping malls, and any amenities located within a short walking distance. The houses are fully furnished bedrooms, living-room, equipped kitchen, washing machine, TV set with cable TV and Internet. Apart from accommodation the club provides also daily transport to the club. The weekly accommodation and transportation fee of a dancer is USD 120.



There is no fixed salary. Our dancers are freelance workers. Our girls sell TABLE DANCES (topless table dance), PRIVATE DANCES (private strip dance) and other dances mentioned in the price list. The money made from dances is the evening’s income of each dancer. The average salary a night is about USD 300- 400, USD 1,800 – 2,000 a week and USD 8,000-9,000 a month.


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